Is safety compliance safe enough?

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Arc flash safety re-defined

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How safe are your employees and equipment from arc flash explosions that can cause dangerous heat (up to 35,000 °F), shrapnel, pressure waves, toxic fumes and molten metal? What could an arc flash explosion cost you?
In this short webinar you'll learn steps you can take to decrease arc flash risk, why short circuit production isn’t enough and best practices to evaluate both safety-compliant and best-in-class switchgear. Sign up to access this free webinar presentation now.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Your plant believes that investing in safety can pay high returns. 

--- You have switchgear on site and other electric equipment that can produce damaging arc flash explosions.

--- You’re in operations or engineering in a facility heavily dependent on electric voltage, such as:

- Oil & gas
- Mining
- Petrochemical
- Pulp & paper

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Your presenters...

Stephen Zbytowski PE 
Technology Manager
ABB Low Voltage Products

Jerry Earl
Product Manager
ABB MV ANSI Metal-Clad Switchgear