Is insourcing the new answer?

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Forget outsourcing: How insourcing can boost productivity (and profits)

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You certainly recognize a trend in our recent past where large numbers of manufacturers found greater ROI through outsourcing some or all of their production to countries where labor was cheaper or technologies were more advanced or efficient. 

The new big trend that you will want to embrace is recognizing how insourcing may be the exact opportunity you need to regain a competitive advantage, gain productivity, and even boost profits as you leverage new technologies that are outlined in this webinar.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- You desire to maintain competitiveness in a global environment.

--- Are ready to fully examine all considerations of the outsourcing vs. insourcing decision you may be facing or will face. 

--- Have an interest in learning about new technologies that are shaping the landscape of the outsourcing vs. insourcing decision.   

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Your presenters...

Amy Lakin
Executive Vice President Supply Chain
Baldor Electric Company, an ABB company


Nicolas De Keijser
New Markets and Applications Manager
ABB Inc.