Need a bigger operating budget? Go green

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How technology saves manufacturers big bucks in energy costs

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Does your plant have a money tree to help offset the cost of keeping your facility electrified and operating? No? Then how much savings can you quickly drive to the bottom line by replacing components and/or manufacturing processes with more energy efficient technologies?

In this webinar you'll learn five best practices to conduct an actionable energy audit to guide the prioritization of investments in components and systems that will deliver the biggest payback, fastest.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- You are tasked to make your plant “greener”

--- “Doing more with less” is your plant operations slogan (or would be if you had a plant operations slogan) 

--- You have profit & loss accountability for a system or line within your plant, or for the entire facility


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Your presenters...

Marc Leroux
Chief Technology Evangelist
ABB’s Collaborative Production Manufacturing

Kay Cabaniss
Industry Business Mgr/Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical
Baldor Electric Motors, an ABB company