Want TCO lift? Go full plant integration

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How the integration of automation & electrical systems improves reliability and lowers total cost of ownership

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Are you using the traditional electrical integration method where hard wired devices are supported by multiple vendors controlled by different systems using various communication protocols and your total cost of ownership (TCO) is increasing?
This short webinar presents an integrated process and power automation system that can lower TCO by using the IEC 61850 standard that decreases costs, improves operator success and increases plant uptime. Register to access this free webinar now.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Increasing lifetime system value and decreasing total cost of ownership are important organizational goals.

--- If you don’t have fully integrated electrical and process automation systems and engineering costs are rising. 

--- You manage or work in operations or engineering in a process industry such as:
- Oil & gas
- Mining
- Petrochemical
- Pulp & Paper

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Your presenters...

Leandro Monaco
Global Product Manager
ABB 800xA Electrical Integration

Mahesh Sathe
Substation Automation Systems Industry Segment Mgr
ABB North America