Is corrosion "eating" plant reliability?

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How to optimize system reliability by reducing environmental contamination

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Has the full cost of corrosion been recognized in your organization? Corrosion can be a serious threat to reliability in your operation. A recent survey of process equipment operators showed that over 30% of failures are caused by corrosion. A 2009 European study estimated the cost of corrosion at $50bn Euros annually.

This short webinar details the causes and costs of corrosion and the equipment design strategies used to head off this silent threat to reliability and profits.


This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Compromising plant reliability is NEVER an option.

--- Your production equipment and/or infrastructure is exposed to moist air, water, sun or other naturally-corrosive elements.

--- You manage or work in operations or engineering in a process industry such as:

- Oil & gas
- Mining
- Petrochemical
- Pulp & paper

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Your presenters...

George Weihrauch
Product Manager for Severe Duty and Explosion-Proof AC Motors
Baldor Electric, a member of the ABB Group

Mark Nowak
Market Development Manager for Water and Infrastructure
Thomas & Betts, a member of the ABB Group

Neil Henry
Head of Materials Engineering and a Principal Consultant
ABB Engineering Services