Time & funds limited? Partner up for ROI

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Lessons learned: Case study, The advantages of collaborating with vendor “partners”

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Are you faced with time and cost pressures along with resources constraints? Have you consider leveraging the application and industry-segment knowledge vendor-partners can provide to maximize your collective return on investment?

In this short webinar you'll learn how a gold mine and a equipment OEM leveraged their complimentary skills and expertise to collaborate and add value to the decision making process. Sign up to access this free webinar presentation now.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- You are looking for new opportunities to grow the value of your operations.

--- If you are already collaborating with vendor “partners” and want to increase the scale and value of such partnerships.

--- You are looking to move into new markets and need segment-specific knowledge and expertise required to win deals.  

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Your presenters...

Robert Schultz
Design and Project Engineer
ABB System-1

Cliff Thorpe
Mining Industry Account Manager Western US 
Baldor Electric Company, an ABB Company

Steve Shadow
Mining Industry Business Manger 
Baldor Electric Company, an ABB Company