Trouble making safety strategy stick?

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Machine safety: Planning a safety strategy – Making your company defendable

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You’ve likely seen signs in manufacturing plant lobbies counting the number of days without a lost time accident. Such a safety culture of warnings and discipline is limiting to productivity and costly to the bottom line. 

In this short webinar you'll learn an 8-element safety strategy that incorporates all levels of the organization, new automated technologies and the latest safety standards to create a sustainable, effective plan. Sign up to access this free webinar presentation.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Plant workers are exposed to potentially dangerous equipment.

--- Your workers, insurance holders, and other stakeholders hold the plant accountable for providing a safe environment.

--- You manage or work in operations or engineering in a manufacturing industry such as:
- Oil & gas
- Mining
- Petrochemical
- Metal fabrication

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Your presenters...

Richard Gibson
Jokab Safety Product Manager
ABB Inc.