Asset replacement strategy still valid?

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Prioritizing the cost of implementing or NOT implementing game-changing technologies NOW

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Does your factory proactively seek out new equipment and components technologies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace? Or, is your replacement strategy reactively hinged on regulatory changes or asset wear and/or failure?  

In this short webinar you'll learn how a proactive asset replacement strategy improves your factory’s business position.  Using rising energy costs as a key driver for new thinking, you’ll be surprised to learn how costly a reactive business case can be. 

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- You must meet new production, safety and environmental targets with fewer experienced, trained operators and engineers

--- You are tasked to reduce plant operations costs without sacrificing quality or throughput 

--- You need to build a better business case to purchase new assets   

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Your presenters...

Rick Dolezal
VP Service Sales & Marketing
ABB Process Automation Systems, North America

Mike Melfi
Consulting Engineer
Baldor Electric Company, an ABB company