How smart can components be?

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Specifying "smart" components systems to optimize productivity and reduce operations costs

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You likely oversee or interact with hundreds if not thousands of components or component systems within your manufacturing environment. You can optimize your efficiency and expenses by connecting them in a smart way.

Today, you can utilize new technologies and advances in wireless technology solutions to make component integration a reality and not only save money, but make your job easier and your processes more productive.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- You are considering wireless technology integration to better manage components or component systems.

--- You want to clearly understand what scenarios merit consideration for wireless technology integration.

--- You manage mission critical processes reliant on efficient and reliable components in industries such as:

- Oil & gas
- Utilities
- Mass transit

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Your presenters...

Sam Mabin
Director of Business Development
ABB Wireless Communications Systems, Global

Jennifer Love
Business Development Manager
ABB Advanced Services, North America