System gaps compromising safety?

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Technologies to enable process safety compliance

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Are your process safety and risk reduction mechanisms operating through different and disconnected systems compromising your ability to effectively assess and reduce risk?

In this short webinar, learn how integrated systems help streamline the management of process safety, and improve operators’ ability to head off escalating process conditions before automated intervention is needed. Sign up to access this free webinar presentation now.

“If you think safety is expensive, try an accident.” -Trevor Kletz

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Non-compliance with local and international safety regulations can get costly and lead to serious PR headaches.

--- You operate in a competitive environment where production interruptions could damage customer satisfaction and decrease revenue.

--- You manage or work in operations or engineering in a process industry such as:

- Oil & gas
- Mining
- Petrochemical
- Pulp & paper

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Your presenters...

Luis Durán
Product Marketing Manager
ABB Safety Systems


Joseph Scalia
Product Owner
Ventyx Process Safety Management