Is your storm outage plan reliable?

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Weathering the storm: How to maximize plant electrification resiliency

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External threats to your plant’s power supply and reliability are hard to predict and often impossible to avoid. Consider the cost of an outage. Don’t get caught unprepared.

In this short webinar you'll learn how new advances in power storage and stabilization technologies are making dedicated industrial substations and microgrids commercially viable to maximize plant electrification resiliency for your critical enterprise. Sign up to access this free webinar presentation now.

This webinar presentation is for you if...

--- Compromising plant reliability is NEVER an option.

--- You're responsible for power reliability and resiliency where a critical power outage can be very costly and potentially risk lives.

--- You manage or work in operations or engineering in an industry such as:

- Healthcare
- Data management
- Heavy industry
- Aerospace & defense

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Your presenters...

Brad Luyster
Vice President/General Manager
ABB North America Microgrids

Ulf Andersson, PSS
Director of Engineering
ABB Power Systems - Substations

Dan Rice
Distribution Equipment Manufacturer's (DEM) Marketing Development Manager
Thomas & Betts, an ABB company