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Successfully integrating DERs to maximize renewable penetration

Distributed generation provides many benefits, such as adding supply where it is needed, reducing infrastructure costs, and improving power reliability. However, there are also unintended consequences and operating challenges inherent with adding more distributed energy resources to the grid, particularly renewables with their fluctuation in power generation.

Today's grid was designed and built for centralized generation with limited capacity for reversing power flows and often without controls and communication at the point of use. Subsequently, an increased penetration of DERs can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the grid. This session will cover best practices and innovative  technologies that can be utilized to optimize grid operation and integration of DERs that is successful for both the developer and utility.


Pat Hayes, Energy Storage, ABB Inc.

Benny Nyberg, Statcom/Static Freq. Converters, ABB Inc.

Howard Self, Distribution Automation, ABB Inc.

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